The story of Hana Mineral Water dates back to 7000 years ago when nature was completely pure. It is hidden at a depth of more than 2300 feet and preserves the pristine values of life. Hana Mineral Water is naturally sourced from the springs which are absorbed by the layers of mineral rocks enriched with calcium and magnesium that give it the unforgettable unique delicate taste.

A Miracle of Nature

From the heart of the Mountains on a natural reserved area of 200,000 sqm, Hana Natural Spring Water date back thousands of years, protected under a fortress of geological layers, untouched by man and free from pollution. Each drop of “Hana” starts off through precipitation of rain or snow high up the Safi Mountain, travelling through a vast mineral aquifer deep within the mountains before emerging to our groundwater reservoir. This amazing journey is the secret of Hana’s purity.

Our Source

Hana Natural Spring Water has an exceptionally balanced and stable mineral composition which is regularly supervised throughout the year. “Hana” is bottled at the source, remains untouched, and free from the incline of the outside world. Every day, samples are taken at different points between the protected catchment areas and the on-site bottling plant to ensure consistent quality, from the spring to you. After emerging from its source it is bottled under strict guidelines in a highly sanitary facility.